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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hello , i guess i have chartted with you sometime ago,
however am sending you a briefcase with a cash of 5 million
united states dollars dont doubt me ,you might think is a joke
but you are not the first person i have done deal with, am working at the
international monetary department ,i will be coming over immediately
you receive the briefcase as i can not front to receive this money with
my transaction identity knowing am the asst director of a private firm,
i do not intend on doing business, all i need is for you to receive it
over there and will give you 40% of the total money while 60% will be mine,
just try me and see,let me know if you are capable to handle this transaction
i could proceed to send it over tomorrow and forward you the tracking number
of the shipment which will be shipped via a freight cargo.

i will be needing your full names ,your personal telephone ,and your personal
house address,your name will be endorsed on the cargo shipment form as the final
beneficiary of the shipment in your country.

i want you to be 100% assured there is no problem in this,as all documents for
shipment is secured and always ready for ugent dealings,if you could be true in
this first transaction then we could do this once in every 3 months, all i deeply
request is a matured and fare dealings.

Reply me here .... ,

hope to hear from you..



Irvin "Me'enx" Avriano said...

It's an example of threatening every living human in the world of internet.


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