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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Damned United (2009): A thin red line between between ambition and determination

A thin red line between between ambition and determination

Irvin Avriano A.
for Myself

How far can we managed our will? The movie can makes us feel the drama that summoned inside somebody's head, with a beautiful, but not details, about football managing.

Based on a true story about the trash-mouth Brian Howard Clough (March 21th '35-Sept 20th '04), the greatest English club manager that England national team have not ever had. Even his garbage mouth was recognize and was ordered to shut by the Sting-like-a-bee Mohammad Ali.

He, with his sidekick Peter Taylor, succeeded waft Derby County into First Division, from a nothing club into everything for the Rams. But the most memorable moment about him is when he hoist Nottingham Forest into European Champions Cup winner, an achievement that never been attained by any English manager until this day.

The story started when he was hired to be the Leeds United manager in 1974, a club that stand in the top of the major league, and also former rival for his career whenn he took care of Derby. Leeds was abandoned by Don Revi at the time, the antagonist role, whose appointed as the English national team manager.

But the actual time setting is focused when he brings Derby County with dignity to topped the club in the Second Division League. The story itself jumped into two different times, forward and backward, swings depends on his emotional reflection.

The story leads into a remorse of Cough that let his mate, Peter, to manage Brighton & Hove Albion himself for money and to develop a new career. The rejection of Peter invitation is because Cough have other offering that he can't refuse, to take the manager chair of Leeds United.

Too bad, there is something bothering about the script, which can't dig deep into the success story of Mr. Cough himself because there is nothing special that showed to the audience about the amazing style of managing a football club into a winning team.

The role itself was well played by the actors, especially from a determined [but never shows the weaker side of emotion] play by Michael Sheen as Mr. Cough (Tony Blair in The Queen and Lucian from Underworld series), Timothy Spall as Peter Taylor (Wormtail in the Harry Potter saga), and Colm Meaney as Revie (Chief Miles O'Brien from Star Trek).



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