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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kresna paid off its bond

Irvin Avriano A.

Kresna paid off its bond

JAKARTA: PT Kresna Graha Sekurindo Tbk (Kresna Securities) fully paid-off the principal and coupon I/2007 bonds totaling IDR150 billion on May 8th.

Kresna Securities Corporate Secretary Tevi Sarie in a press release saying that Kresna Securities' bonds is comprised of three tranches, amounting to IDR30 billion for A tranche tenured 370 days, B tranche amounting to IDR45 billion, and C tranche amounting to IDR75 billion.

"Tranche A was fully paid on May 13th 2008, B tranche had been repaid on May 8th 2009, and the remaining C tranche has settled on May 8," said Tevi today.

In I/2010 quarter, the company booked net profit of IDR4.31 billion. Last year, the company booked a net profit increase of 192.7% compared to 2008, from IDR4.25 billion to IDR12.44 billion. The increase in net income caused also increasing earning per share of the company's stock from IDR16 to IDR26.

Kresna Securities has three main business lines of stock and bond trading, underwriting, and investment managers. The company currently also has a subsidiary in life insurance business. Company, which founded in 1999 has listed its shares on the stock market in 2002.

Kresna stock, coded KREN, stagnant at IDR405 level in the trading floor and form a market capitalization of the issuer's financial sector for Rp236,52 billion.



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