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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ancora Indonesia's shareholders sell stake

By: Irvin Avriano A.

Ancora Indonesia's shareholders sell stake

JAKARTA: Pictet and Cie S/A Burgundy Asset Corp and Sarasin Robo Nominees (Singapore) Pte Ltd, shareholders of PT Ancora Indonesia Resouces Tbk, release thier company's stock on October 13th.

Based on the stock ownership portion in published disclosure today, it shows the ownership of Pictet and Cie was not recorded again on October 13th from the previous portion of 11.04% ownership or 194.99 million shares on October 16th. Ownership was already decrease from 11.82% position or 208.78 million shares at the end of August.

The portion of Sarasin Robo is also reduced from 11.79% or worth 208.22 million shares at the end of August to 11.04% or as much as 194.99 million shares on October 13th.

The data also showed that the other two stock owners of the stock that coded OKAS does not change, which owned by PT Ancora Resources, namely by 52% or as much as 918.3 million shares and DBS Bank Ltd S/A Summer Harvest Pte Ltd amounting to 17.18% or as much as 303.41 million shares.

Ancora Indonesia recently received a loan pledge more funds amounting to IDR27.5 billion from Ancora Resources.

In an announcement on the information disclosure of that action in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX/PT Bursa Efek Indonesia) website on October 13th, it shows that the company has pocketed loans divided by IDR24 billion rupiah-denominated and US dollar-denominated of US$ 350,000.

Loans were also made the company must increase the limit of loan commitment from its parent to a total of IDR45 billion and extend the tenor of the loan maturing in November this year to 2 years longer.

Company share prices closed stagnant at the level of IDR355 this afternoon and establish its market capitalization amounted to IDR626.9 billion.(Yus)



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