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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bakrie & Brothers issue equity linked notes US$109 mio

Irvin Avriano A.

Bakrie & Brothers issue equity linked notes US$109 mio

JAKARTA: PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk issued an equity linked notes worth US$109 million to Eurofa Capital Investment Inc tenured 5 years. The amount equals to IDR985,36 billion, assumed to currency IDR9,040 per US dollars.

Bakrie & Brothers Director & Corporate Secretary Sri Dhamayanti said the issuance has been done last December 16th.

"The notes holder can swap the notes into shares, but we can paid it in cash for all or part of the notes principal when it matured," said her in the information disclosure to the bourse authority (Indonesia Stock Exchange/IDX) today.

Even the amount is big, the emitters which share coded BNBR doesn't consider the value of transaction is material, related to Bapepam-LK's IX.E.2 regulation.

The company's shares stagnant at IDR69 level this afternoon, formed its market capitalization to IDR6.46 trillion.



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