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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February return rebound, but still assess to wait

Irvin Avriano A.
Bisnis Indonesia

February return rebound, but still assess to wait

JAKARTA: The mutual funds return began moves positively during February compared with January, but investors are advised to wait to invest their idle money until global conditions improving.

Based on the data processed PT Infovesta Utama, the average return of 69 equity funds in February has been accounted for 1.59%. The magnitude was slightly higher than the return of the same mutual funds in January when its booked negative return of 9.38%.

The average returns of 101 mixed funds in the same period accounted for 0.97%, higher than the period of January which recorded negative from 99 fixed funds which booked average return of 5.81%.

Meanwhile, the average return of fixed income funds, which essentially form the majority of bond assets, accounted for 0.58% from as much as 91 products throughout February. In January, its recorded a negative average return of 1.71% from 90 products.

Infovesta Research Analyst Rudiyanto assess improvement in the stock market that boosted returns from equity fund should not make investors too quick to change its investment decision to increase the allocation of fresh funds into the type of euqity mutual fund.



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