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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Asia Securities borer company profits into Rp4, 6 billion this year

as published in Bisnis Indonesia daily newspaper

Irvin Avriano (21)
Bisnis Indonesia

JAKARTA: PT Asia Kapitalindo Securities Tbk target company profits can be increased to Rp4, 6 billion this year, twice the gain in semester I/2009 Rp2, 31 billion.

President Director of Asia Securities Wim Al Fatih said the company's target is from a financial advisor business investment and fund management business division that still pocketed company licensed as an investment manager.

Semester I/2009 unaudited financial statements of the companies showed an increase in Asia Securities recorded a net profit before tax of 11.71%, compared with the same period the acquisition last year of Rp2, 07 billion.

The data also showed the largest increase in company revenue comes from late payment fines assets of 55.98% from Rp1,35 billion in semester I/2008 to Rp2, 11 billion this year. Corporate interest income also increased by 102.44% from Rp231, 35 million to Rp468, 36 million.

"Looks like we will invigorate the business side of the financial advisors, because we value very safe," he told the press this weekend.

He explained from the financial advisers, the company is currently being intensified its efforts to provide these services to companies that are investing in the stock, so the risk is borne by the company is not high.

This, he added, also supported by the recruitment of new analysts by the companies earlier. The action especially those from young new fresh graduated people. In addition to analysts, he said, companies also are running the program the addition of new sales force also comes from college fresh graduates.

He explained the general meeting of shareholders (AGM/RUPS) held Wednesday this week the company, decided ratification Edward Azizy resignation from company directorships. Thus, said Wim, the company board of directors currently consists of himself, Fitriani Komarsari, and Adeleya Laiman.

The decision set the three directors, he said, also supports the separation plan investment managers division into a separate company (spin off) because one of the three directors would be prepared to be the president director of the investment company.

The separation was, he said, to adjust the condition of the company with the revision of Law of the Capital Market No.8/1995 (Undang-undang Pasar Modal) and plan revision rules of Bapepam-LK will follow.

Revision of the Act would require the separation of licensing of investment managers and securities firms that should stand as a separate company.

"There are two possibilities to increase the capital investment manager, is from the holders of existing shares or increase the number of shareholders."

The division of investment managers that currently available, Wim said, now has managed the investor's funds of Rp81, 5 billion, which increased from Rp31, 5 billion at the end of April. He explained the addition of these funds come from fund management contract product (discretionary fund/KPD) company with several institutions.

He continued that his company was now effectively a statement menuggu product equity funds, Asian Equity Fund, which is still processed Bapepam-LK. (21)



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