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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Indorent pay off bonds Rp3, 66 billion

Thursday, 27/08/2009 20:04 WIB
Indorent pay off bonds IDR3.66 bio

by: Irvin Avriano

JAKARTA ( PT CSM Corportama (Indorent) repay part of their I/2004 bond series B bonds and sukuk I/2004 total worth IDR3.66 billion in amortization repayment scheme which is faster than the time maturity of the note.

Based on the announcement of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) No. Peng-00888/BEI.PSU/08-2009 dated August 26th, 2009 today, IDX Head of Debt Listing Division Saptono Adi Junarso said the settlement had been made on August 25th.

The letter refers to the disclosure of information CSM Corporatama and letters from Indonesia Central Securities Depository (PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indoenesia/KSEI) which states that after the repayment of bonds, series B of Indorent bond I/2004 recorded for IDR80.45 bio at the IDX listing board, while the sukuk ijarah I/2004 IDR77.84 bio.

Indorent approval delays repayment of bonds from investors last year so it can repay the debt this year, from early maturity last year.

The company also received approval from the bond holders to transfer the debt guarantee letter after the replacement of the president directors of Kartika Dianingsih Antono to the hand of Jacobus Irawan earlier this year. (Yn)



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