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Friday, December 4, 2009

Astra International capital expenditure is worth IDR5 trillion

as published in Binsis Indonesia daily newspaper
Friday, 04/12/2009 00:00 WIB
Astra International capital expenditure is worth IDR5 trillion

JAKARTA: PT Astra International Tbk allocates IDR4-5 trillion capital expenditure or equal to the allotted budget this year.

Senior Vice President Chief Corporate Communication of Astra International Arief Istanto said the capital expenditure is mostly absorbed by the subsidiary company focusing on coal mining, PT United Tractors Tbk.

"Next year capital expenditure for the group has more or less the same value of this year. United Tractors spent IDr4 trillion which has recently announced its US$400 million capital expenditure," he briefed the press yesterday.

Funding resource is attained from internal cash. But it is possible that the company will take external funding when the subsidiary firm needs additional expansion cost.

"If United Tractos intends to acquire new mining, we will later think about the external funding option," he said.

Yesterday the stock price of ASII rose 0.31 percent (IDR100 per share unit) into IDR32.650. The price to earning ratio (PER) was 14.18 times.

In the current year, the corporate stocks rose 209.48 percent so the market capitalization stood at IDR132.18 trillion.

Meanwhile, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk allotted IDR400-600 billion capital expenditure next year for the routine corporate budget.

Corporate Secretary of Unilever Indonesia Franky Jamin said the company plans to use the fund for boosting the corporate production capacity and plant machinery maintenance.

"It is funded from internal cash," he said to press yesterday.

The company allotted higher capital expenditure than last year of IDR1 trillion due ot the brand acquisition action done. The company this year is predicted to grow by 10 percent at minimum.

As to Franky, the corporate sales growth is driven by the soaring sales volume instead of only the growing production goods price which is sold following the inflation rate.

The stock price has reached the expensive level, or IDR11, 850, but the company has not planned to have stock split yet.

The stock price at that level has made the stock price to earnings ratio (PER) of 25 times

Corporate net income is predicted to reach IDR2.86 trillion by end of the year and IDR3.38 trillions next yearend. (Bisnis/21)



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