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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Danareksa eyes on IDR200 billion asset under management

as published in Bisnis Indonesia daily newspaper
Monday, 14/12/2009 00:00 WIB

Danareksa eyes on IDR200 billion asset under management

JAKARTA: PT Danareksa Investment Management (Danareksa Investment) targets to collect some IDR200 billion assets under management from protected mutual fund, Danareksa Melati Proteksi XII.

Head of Marketing of Danareksa Investment Diah Sofiyanti said the product was sold through the corporate management and bank sales. Mutual fund will be sold up to December 15.

"Bank Mandiri and Bank Commonwealth also provide assistances to sell the product as the sales agents," said Diah to Bisnis last week.

The product offers net return of 8 percent within one year investment. The minimum investment of the product sales is IDR5 million. He is optimistic the protected mutual fund is still lucrative for investors having conservative investment risks such as banking deposit investors.

The company has been collecting some IDR200 billion funds from the protected mutual fund, Danareksa Melati Proteksi XIII, with the same closing and launching periods.

Danareksa Investment targets up to IDR11 trillion asset under management (AUM) next year. The fund will be collected by the mutual funds, private equity, and discretionary fund (kontrak pengelolaan dana/KPD).

The company expected the soaring asset under management from those three investment products which will be marketed next year. The investment with aggressive marketing is the stock-based KPD, equity fund, and mixed mutual funds, Danareksa Anggrek Fleksibel.

For the stock-based KPD, the company targets it to grow into IDR1-2 trillion from this year position of IDR300 billion. Diah said the total asset under management stood at IDR6.8 trillion per November.

Formerly President Director of Danareksa Investment John D. Item said the asset under management grew about IDR2 trillion form IDR5 trillion in previous two months.

The growth was mostly contributed by the incoming institutional investors in the two KPD products issued by the company from September up to early this month.

In addition to KPD, John said the growth of corporate asset under management in the past two months also got contribution from the new mutual fund purchase and new investors to the retail investment instrument. "Some 90 percent of the fund growth comes from investors and new asset under management."

He said the company still focuses on the marketing of protected mutual fund products offering fixed yield to the investors. (Bisnis/21)



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