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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

KSEI intended to obligate fund account separation

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Irvin Avriano A. Siti Nuraisyah & D. (08)

KSEI intended to obligate fund account separation

JAKARTA: PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) intended to obligate the separation of client treasury accounts from the securities company's treasury accounts this year.

KSEI President Director Ananta Wiyogo said it would complete the separation of AKSes, a facilities for investors to monitor their amount of funds at any time. So far, he said, separation of accounts in each securities companies only happen in their securities account.

"We likely will obligate this year [the separation of funds accounts]," he told the press at the Bapepam-LK office this afternoon.

AKSes (acuan kepemilikan sekuritas/ securities company's ownership reference) is a facility developed by KSEI to help customers monitor their account in securities company where they trade. The programs that used to called 'Investor Area' previously can only shows customer's securities account.

Every investors since last year has been able to access their securities's account with the AKSes facility that can be accessed via internet. However, the number of customers who have signed up to the facility was minimal, only reaching 11,000 people from around 350,000 customers in the capital markets.

Ananta hoping the completing facility for the customers can be useful for more transparently trading so the capital market investors do not have to worry about the misuse their securities and funds.

He admitted the plan will make the securities exchange member (AB) must develop an intense infrastructure, particularly in information technology transactions and trading systems. However, he added, those are a duty that must be done as part of the security for each investor.(08)



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