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Friday, March 5, 2010

SDHI sukuk given 7.61% coupon

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Irvin Avriano A.

SDHI sukuk given 7.61% coupon

JAKARTA: The government issued a Indonesian Hajj Funds Bond (SDHI) worth IDR3.34 trillion which is allocated for investment through the placement of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Hajj community endowment fund (Dana Abadi Umat/DAU) yesterday. Coupon yield as much as 7.61% per annum (yearly) is given for these bonds.

Islamic bonds SDHI 2012 A series is include the category of Islamic securities (SBSN/government sukuk).

Based on the press release Directorate General of Debt Management Office Ministry of Finance at its official website mentioned the investment instruments form by al-Khadamat ijara akad tenured for two years and will be placed into two separate investment account.

Ownership of the first accounts is Pilgrimage Organization Fund (BPIH) IDR2.89 trillion and by the DAU of IDR447 billion.

The issuance is the third stage of the whole SDHI which began publishing last year. Sukuk issuance was conducted by Indonesian SBSN Publishing Company.

In the last year, the government has issued SDHI 2010 A on May 7th, valued RIDR1.5 billion with a coupon of 8.52%. The second issuance is divided into SDHI 2010 B series and SDHI 2010 C totaling IDR886 billion.



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