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Friday, November 26, 2010

Astra Agro FFB 10m2010 production decreased 2.9%

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Irvin Avriano A.

Astra Agro FFB 10m2010 production decreased 2.9%

JAKARTA: PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk's fresh fruit bunches (FFB) production slightly decreased by 2.9% from 3.56 million tonnes in January--October 2009 to 2.46 million tonnes during January--October 2010.

In a monthly report to investors on its web site to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX/PT Bursa Efek Indonesia), the company's FFB yield production was also decreased by 8.5% from 18.05% in the first 10 months of 2009 to 16.51% since the beginning of the year to October 2010.

Slightly different from the production, the number of processed FFB by the company increased slightly by 0.5% from a total of 3.9 million tonnes to 3.91 million tonnes in the same period. The increase was supported by the processing of FFB from third parties as much as 36.1% or as much 333,699 tons from 10m2009 to 454,024 tons from 10m2010.

Production of company's crude palm oil (CPO) in the 10m2010 also increased slightly by 0.1% from the level of 896,912 tonnes as of October 2009 to 897,711 tonnes as of October 2010. Production of palm kernel also increased slightly by 0.3% from 193,180 tonnes by October 2009 to 193,803 tonnes as of October 2010.

CPO production for a single month in October was 120,501 tons, and was also considered by the company's managemen has reached the highest point of production compared to any other months this year. September CPO production reached 102,400 thousand tonnes, then in August as many as 106,500 tonnes.

Astra Agro stock that coded AALI closed corrected by 4.02% or IDR1,050 to IDR25,050 level this afternoon and establish its market capitalization amounted to IDR39.45 trillion.



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