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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Henan borer increase funds from HPAM Premium-1

Thursday, 22/10/2009 13:56 WIB
Henan borer increase funds from HPAM Premium-1 around Rp200 billion

by: Irvin Avriano
JAKARTA ( PT Henan Putihrai Asset Management targeted funds under management increased to Rp200 billion after the mixed mutual fund HPAM Premium-1 from distributing the investment product by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI) until the end of this year.

Previously, mutual fund products that are marketed through the company's management.

In addition to being an agent of the seller, BRI also became custodian securities mutual fund.

"The company hopes the funds under management products HPAM Premium-1 will reach Rp700 billion at the end of next year," said President Director Henan Putihrai Fresty Hendayani to the press this afternoon.

Currently, the company already manages funds amounting to Rp1, 7 trillion - Rp2 trillion donated by mutual fund HPAM Premium-1, capital protected fund HPAM Maestro Flexi, HPAM Protection-1, and some discretionary fund (KPD/kontrak pengelolaan dana) that managed bty the company. From the three mutual funds, the company managing funds around Rp300 billion - Rp500 billion.

Fresty said the firm also intends to publish three new funds next year, which will also be distributed through the BRI as a selling agent.

Director of Investment Henan Putihrai Mangko Bedjo adding the new mutual fund products will be fixed-income mutual funds, money markets, and stocks. Companies, he said, also will try to embrace several other banks that will act as dealer-managed mutual fund company.

Mangko Bedjo said the company intended to increase the total amount of asset under management to be Rp4 trillion - Rp 5 trillion in the next year from sales through banks. With the services of the bank, he hopes the retail investor base the company grow from the current composition, which only reached 20% of the total funds under management of the company. (Er)



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