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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pacific Capital borer 200 billion of funds under management

as published in Bisnis Indonesia daily newspaper

Irvin Avriano (21)
Bisnis Indonesia

JAKARTA: PT Pacific Capital Investment target for the collection of funds under management until the end of Rp200 billion this year from two mutual funds that named Pacific Balanced Fund and Pacific Fixed Fund.

Two mutual funds that are targeted to raise funds for their respective investment each Rp100 billion.

Pacific Capital Director Andreas Yasakasih said that mixed mutual funds Pacific Balanced Fund is the first product the company published.

He explained the mixed mutual funds that just got an effective declaration of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution (Bapepam-LK). In addition, he said, management of Pacific Capital still effective plea from capital market authority of the fixed income mutual fund Pacific Fixed Fund.

"Our target is not too big because the company was looking at market conditions getting better, but would still need to be considered progress," he said when contacted bi Bisnis early this weekend.

He explained the company still intends to allocate the effect of equity shares in the leading row, while the debt securities will combine government and corporate bonds. According to him, the indicated yield of the products that offered high flexibility is around 15%.

"So that makes high product flexibility and can offer an indication of good yield for investors," said Andreas.

He said the mixed mutual funds that are offered to investors that use the services of PT Bank Mega Tbk as custodian bank.

Companies, he added, setting the composition of the investment policy for the mutual fund product mixture of 60% -40% for stocks and fixed income securities. However, the company's investment managers may change at any time a greater composition for one type of securities in accordance with capital market conditions.

Manage KPD
According to him, before issuing the first mutual fund company managing only fund management contracts (KPD /discretionary fund) worth Rp30 billion -- Rp40 billion from institutional investors who remains one firm footing.

Thus, said Andreas, the latest mutual fund company that was still targeting institutional investors as the main investors of these products. However, he explained the company kept trying to hold retail investors to enlarge the base of new investors.

Additions investors, he said, related to the company's plans to develop a business that has not been considered serious enough to do.

With the new products supported by management personnel and information technology required Bapepam-LK, Pacific Capital hopes to develop a product and can managed to be more an active company than ever before. (21)



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