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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yudhoyono's Cabinet II immediately announced, the price of SUN allegedly stable

Tuesday, 20/10/2009 10:51 WIB
Yudhoyono's Cabinet II immediately announced, the price of SUN
allegedly stable
by: Irvin Avriano

JAKARTA ( The price of bonds (SUN) predicted will be stable in the next two days, given the government's cabinet immediately announced tomorrow, with a potential decrease in thin ahead of the debt securities auction this afternoon.

The government plans to auction three series of its debt with the indicative target of Rp3 trillion this afternoon. Series is offered SPN20101007 due on 07 Oktober 2010, FR0040 maturing 15 September 2025, and FR0052 which will mature on August 15, 2030.

Bond analyst PT Kim Eng Securities Dian Abdul Hakim said that although there are indications the government's economic team of ministers deemed appropriate market expectations, predicted traffickers continue to try to lower prices today.

The decrease in price will cause the value of increased yield and make the price at the SUN will terdiskon auction.

"Principals have the market's expectations when YTM [yield to maturity/yield in the secondary market] is going through the increase and considered a natural YTM, then the chance of getting relatively cheaper price will be greater," he said in a research company that received this morning.

He explained that predictions are not taken based on the demand bidders in the auction sharia state bond securities (SBSN/sukuk) last week. At the auction, the government did not take the offer because the required yield is too high from the government's target.

According to him, optimism ahead of the inauguration today is not enough to make market participants retain ownership of the instruments in the short term SUN on trading yesterday.

Bond analysts PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk Helmi Arman predict at auction today will yield the government released for SPN20101007 series revolves around the level of 6.85% -7%. FR0040 series will be released at the level of 10.45% -10.6%, and FR0052 series at the level of 10.55% -10.7%. (Er)



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