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Friday, June 11, 2010

Abiprayadi leads APRDI again

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Irvin Avriano A.

Abiprayadi leads APRDI again

The approvement happen through the merger of two chairman candidate that been done in the extraordinary general meeting of members (rapat umum anggota luar biasa/RUALB) yesterday. The other candidate for the position is Bowo Witjaksono Suhardjo.

"Essentially, there is concern to keep the industry does not split-up, about 90% of our programs have equal points. Finally, suggested by our friends, we met and we decided to merge, you can say it is a collaboration," said Abiprayadi to Bisnis yesterday.

He promised APRDI in the future will be more open to new members and to other industry players, so it will help the industry development. Most likely, he said, the association will change its name to the association of investment managers and mutual funds.

On the same occasion Bowo acknowledge some market participants admitted disappointment over the collaboration decision in the last moments and still wanted the election. However, he said, there is no compulsion in the collaboration and the goal only for the interests of the mutual fund industry and investment management.

Abiprayadi currently serves as PT Mandiri Manajer Investasi president director, while Bowo still serve as PT Recapital Asset Management president director. (Bisnis/IAA)



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