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Friday, June 11, 2010

Aqua distribute dividends IDR1.800


Irvin Avriano A.

Aqua distribute dividends IDR1.800

JAKARTA: PT Aqua Golden Mississippi Tbk, holder of Aqua mineral bottled water brand, distribute dividends of IDR1.800 per share or a total of IDR23.69 billion. The number of dividend represents 24.7% of total company booked net profit of IDR95.91 billion last year.

Aqua President Director Parmaningsih said beside dividend, the company has also allocated funds amounting to IDR72.22 billion of net income as retained earnings.

"We budgeted a bigger retained earnings [than dividends] from our income because we usually start to purchase imported stuff, usually when the prices are low, usually for packaging production," she said to reporters after an annual general meetings of shareholders (AGM) today.

She stated the company is optimistic the company net income in 2010 can be increased by 12.75% from IDR2.73 trillion a year ago to IDR3.08 trillion. The achievement, she said, due to high consumer interest factors caused by the growth of the Indonesian population that continues to happen.

According to her, in addition to these factors are large production capacity is also one cause that make the company optimistic to set-up the revenue target.

Increased sales figures were synchronized with the volume of water sold in quantity, which targeted to increase by 10.31% this year from 6.57 billion liters last year to 7.25 billion liters.

As a result, gross profit increased by issuers that are also pegged at 13.99% this year to IDR190,.31 billion compared with last year's position of IDR166.95 billion.

In the 1Q/2010, Aqua net income booked at IDR705.42 billion level, growing 14.73% compared with same period last year worth IDR614.86 billion.

Director & Corporate Secretary Theresia Lianawaty Setionegoro added in AGM which was held today, the company pocketed shareholder approval to replace one of the directors, Burhan Sutanto whose replaced by Bastian Willy Matheus Tannizar.

The AGM also agreed to give authority to its directors to declare changes in the composition of share ownership.

"Change is there because at the end of last year our major shareholder, PT Tirta Investama, buying shares from public investors."

Company's stock price that is not liquid was still peg on IDR244.800 per share and stock capitalization company formed at the level of IDR3.22 trillion. The company's shares that coded AQUA last traded at that price level on June 4th, 2009.

Right now the company still intend to de-list it shares from the market and want to become a private company (go-private).



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