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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bayan director add his shares ownership

Irvin Avriano A.
Bisnis Indonesia

Bayan director add his shares ownership

JAKARTA: Low Yi Ngo, one of PT Bayan Resources Tbk directors, add his ownership of shares in the coal producer of 450,000 shares to as many as 5.43 million shares.

In a disclosure to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (PT Bursa Efek Indonesia/BEI) today, the Singapore citizen eventually owned of 0.16% of total outstanding company shares.

The data also showed that shareholders make transactions without a price, or at the level IDR0, in addition to ownership of it. The same data also does not explain the origin of 450,000 shares ultimately owned by Low Yi Ngo.

From Bayan ownership data as of end of April was also not disclosed the number of shares owned by the Low Yi Ngo. The report shows only the ownership of Low Tuck Kwong, the owner of the listed company which used to be a Singaporean tycoon that have a position as the company's president commissioner.

His ownership came indirect through Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong and directly by 59.04%, Enel Investment Holding BV of 10%, and 6.37% by Engki Wibowo.

Company share prices close higher by 1.65% to IDR6.150 level this afternoon and formed market capitalization of stocks that is coded BYAN as much as IDR20.5 trillion.



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