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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Indonesia at 8 position on 2010 rubber consumption

Irvin Avriano A.
Bisnis Indonesia
Indonesia at 7 position on 2010 rubber consumption

China 3,631,000
EU 1,132,000
India 944,000
USA 926,000
Japan 750,000
Thailand 459,000
Malaysia 458,000
Indonesia 421,000
South Korea 384,000
Brazil 374,000

JAKARTA: Indonesia pegged for seventh position of the 10 largest rubber consuming country in the world last year, conducted on the International Rubber Study Group's research which headquartered in Singapore.

As Bloomberg reported this afternoon, Indonesia position booked also with the level of consumption as much as 421,000 metric tons, above South Korea and Brazil who are in positions ninth and tenth. South Koreans consume as much as 384,000 metric tons of rubber, while Brazil as much as 374,000 metric tons.

From the published tables, the highest position pegged by China with the consumption of 3.63 million metric tons, the EU is 1.13 million metric tons, India 944,000 metric tons, USA 926,000 metric tons, Japan 750,000 metric tons, Thailand 459,000 metric tons, and Malaysia 458,000 metric tons.



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