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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Sassy Girl (2008): "That's why human being exist-to save each other from ourselves,"

"That's why human being exist-to save each other from ourselves," Elisha Cuthbert/Jordan.

Director: Yann Samuell
Writers: Victor Levin (screenplay), Jae-young Kwak (earlier screenplay), and Ho-sik Kim (novel)

The story begins at the subway station, Charlie (Bradford) met drunk Jordan (Cuthbert) that call him as her 'darling' just right before she passed out, and then the silly-relationship started.

Jordan, which played as a demanding person, always command Charlie as her accomplice and partner to do annoying thing related to her sad times after breaking with her fiance, and somehow Charlie couldn't reject it.

But after all, its just a remake from South Korean version that claimed as all-time-biggest Korean comedy from its gross revenue, adapted from a true story posted in blog written by Ho-sik Kim called 'Yeopgijeogin geunyeo', later adapted into a novel.

The movie also become blockbuster in the entire East Asia. Later, beside the one with Cuthbert as the star, also adapted in Bollywood, Japan, and Chinese.

The Hollywood adaptation is too lame,there are no chemistry in it. Everything runs with fast pace and only copied amazing scenes from the Korean version with lack quality of emotion effected.

This version, with dazzling Cuthbert and hansom Bradford, feels like two pretty people denied to be become a real pair of lover.

Its became awkward, compare with the original version which successfully makes the relationship become more torturing for the male character, Kyun Woo. The girl's image in the original version, Ji-hyun Jun-played by amazing Gianna Jun, also looks meaner, more fearless, rude, selfish, and of course, more heartless.

In the American version, there are much scenes that surrounded by backsounds, which makes a lot of scenes looks like a video clip with no chemistry been made succesfully.

I just keep watching it coz want to enjoy the Girl Next Door, Cuthbert. Slurp!



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