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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mandiri Investasi launch four new mutual fund

Irvin Avriano A.

Mandiri Investasi launch four new mutual fund

JAKARTA: PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi will launch four new mutual funds. The funds that already pocketed effective statement namely Mandiri Saham Atraktif, Mandiri Saham Syariah Atraktif, Mandiri Komoditas Syariah Plus, and Mandiri Berimbang Syariah Aktif.

The matter showed in Indonesia Central Securities Depository (PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia/KSEI) website in September 15th and 16th.

The announcement related to international securities identification number (ISIN) code given to the every new securities that already obtain effective statement from Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (Bapepam-LK).

Based on the names, the three of new funds are shari'a mutual funds, that will invest only in shari'a based securities such as sukuk and shari'a equities. Based on Mandiri Investasi website, Atraktif mutual fund is used to be only for equity fund and Aktif is only for balanced fund.

At this time, Mandiri Investasi already have the only one conventional balanced fund namely Mandiri Investa Aktif and one shari'a balanced fund, Mandiri Investa Syariah Berimbang.

In equity fund type, the company commandeered by Abiprayadi Riyanto already manage Mandiri Investa Atraktif, Mandiri Investa UGM, and Mandiri Investa Ekuitas Dinamis, while the equity shari'a fund is Mandiri Investa Atraktif Syariah.

Equity fund is a mutual fund which majority portfolio is allocated for equity securities, while the balanced fund mixed the portfolio not only equity but also fixed income securities. Fixed income fund have majority portfolio in notes/bonds-base securities while the money market have portfolio in near matured bonds (a year) and time deposit.

The four funds are the four main type of open-ended mutual fund, while the close-ended fund is mutual fund that have its market price locked because of the amortization scheme that makes it almost immune from market situation.

Previously, the entity that incorporated 2004 is eyeing IDR500 billion from three new capital protected fund namely Mandiri Protected Smart 6, Smart 7, and Smart 8.

The company also seeks investors from Australia by embrace AFM Investment Partners as client early this month. The fresh fund that targeted from the new market is IDR1.7 trillion in the next 12 months.

The expansion widened from previously tap Singapore market by selling its money market fund, Mandiri Pasar Uang, by gathered support from Swiss-based financial institution Julius Baer.



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