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Friday, September 23, 2011

Schroder Dana Campuran Progresif launched

Irvin Avriano A.

Schroder Dana Campuran Progresif launched

JAKARTA: PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia, the biggest fund manager by managed-asset, issues a new balanced fund namely Schroder Dana Campuran Progresif.

The matter was shown in PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia's (KSEI) data today, which also give notice that Citibank will act as custody for the new product. But the data show no other details about the product.

Balanced fund is a mutual fund which using capital market securities, both equity and fixed income, as its underlying assets. This asset compilation and combination give the product more flexibility on deciding investment policy, compared to equity fund and fixed income fund.

As of August, Schroder Indonesia managed IDR59.9 trillion of asset, consisting of ordinary mutual fund and private equity fund.

The investment management company commandeered by Michael Tjandra Tjoajadi seeks IDR1 trillion of fresh fund for the next three years for every new fixed income fund it release. Such target is common among the company. Meanwhile, new equity fund is targeted to rise bigger amount, by IDR3 trillion in 3 years.

KSEI data, released this week, shows the 1997-licensed investment management has launched two new fixed income fund, namely Schroder Dana Prestasi Dinamis and Schroder Dana Obligasi Mantap. Citibank serves as the custody for both products.

Schroder Indonesia is affiliated at once subsidiary to Schroders Plc, a global asset management group that managed asset through equity, fixed income, and even venture capital. The parent company's shares listed in London and coded SDR.



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