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Monday, January 25, 2010

Batavia Aset Manajemen targets Rp300 billion from mixed mutual funds

Irvin Avriano A.

Batavia Aset Manajemen targets Rp300 billion from mixed mutual funds

PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen targets of IDR200 billion - Rp300 billion from mixed mutual funds Si Dana Batavia CPI for a year. The mutual fund will be offer to investors next month.

President Director of Batavia Aset Manajemen Lilis Setiadi said the product is reserved for employees of a private company and the retirees.

"Essentially we've got an investment commitment of Rp 50 billion from its pension funds of theas an early stage, which has about 7,000 members," he told the press today. These products use the services of Deutsche Bank AG as the custodian.

She explained the composition of the capital market investment products is at 20% - 79% each will be placed on the stocks and money markets instruments.

Lilis explained the company was trying to raise asset under management from around IDR7. 32 trillion at the end of last year to IDR9. 5 trillion at the end of the year. Batavia Aset Manajemen, she added, is also intended to improve the position of funds under management to Rp12, 5 billion in 2011.

She said the company plans to increase the seller's agent number and working with new partners to invest funds through Batavia Asset Management.

At present, he added, companies can raise funds target of IDR500 billion under management from new cooperations. According to him, cooperation was explored with three foreign banks and two insurance companies.



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