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Friday, January 29, 2010

Demand for SR-002 has been reached IDR2.64 trillion

Irvin Avriano A.
for Bisnis Indonesia

Demand for SR-002 has been reached IDR2.64 trillion

JAKARTA: The demand of retail sukuk (SR-002) has been reached IDR2.64 trillion until yesterday evening.

"The demand comes from as much as 5.977 investors by 18 selling agent," Director General Debt Management Office Ministry of Finance Rahmat Waluyanto through short message service last night.

He was hoping that all of selling agent will reach their each targets. For agent that has been already reach their target, he said there is an opportunity to let the comapnies upsizing the targets.

He also said that who ever faster to reach their targets, the government will be give the upsizing target opportunity.

SR-002 coupons is set by the government at a level 8.7% and will mature within the next 3 years. Minimum purchase is limited by the government of IDR5 million, but the government did not set a maximum limit.

Sales of SR-002 made by 18 sales agents began earlier this week until next weekend on 5 February. Seller's agent including 10 banks and 8 securities company. One of the biggest selling agent is PT Bank Mandiri Tbk, a state owned bank.

Wealth Management Group Head Bank Mandiri Inkawan D. Jusi said the demand that came trough his company has reached around IDR648 billion. "[The demand that came trough] Mandiri has been reach 81%," he said through short message service last night.

The company set their indicative target for IDR800 billion, the biggest aiming between other selling agent.



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