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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mega Dana Sri Kehati Harmoni eyes for IDR200 billion, OSKN Capital Protected Fund targets IDR100 billion.

By Irvin Avriano A.

Mega Dana Sri Kehati Harmoni eyes for IDR200 billion, OSKN Capital Protected Fund targets IDR100 billion.

JAKARTA: PT Mega Capital Indonesia eyes for IDR150 billion - IDR200 billion fund from mixed funds Reksa Dana Mega Dana Sri Kehati Harmoni in a year.

Head of Asset Management Mega Capital Sugeng Sugiharto said the company will start to distribute the mutual fund product next month. The product is a result of cooperation from the investment manager company with the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati Indonesia/Kehati).

"We're more focused the mutual fund for institutional investors who not just want to contribute [at Kehati] but also investing, but do not close the possibility for retail investors," he said when contacted by Bisnis last weekend.

He explained that mutual funds will also use the index SRI Kehati-25 as one of the references to the stock selection of investment products. The mixed funds use the services of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk as a custodian.

Index SRI Kehati launched by Yayasan Kehati and the Indonesia Stock Exchange in June last year. The products, Sugeng continued, is a sign that the company is concentrating on the sale of open-ended mutual funds compared to protected mutual funds.

Open-ended mutual funds are products which new units can be added at any time. Items can be equity funds, mixed, fixed income, index, or exchange-traded fund/ETF.

Protected mutual fund's majority portfolio is allocated to debt instruments and the unit can only be added at the time of bidding.

He predicts the types of open ended products will become increasingly popular this year when the capital market conditions predicted improving. In addition, he said, investors are now more well educated to start looking for riskier product but have a higher return of investment.

He continued that the investment company has just raised money around IDR130 billion from the product Reksa Dana Terproteksi Mega Dana Terproteksi VI. Mega Capital's asset under management of mutual funds, he said, reaching Rp3, 3 trillion at the end of last year and the company is trying to grow it to become IDR6 trillion this year.

Separately, PT Nusadana Aset Manajemen target funds that can raised from protected mutual funds OSKN Capital Protected Fund is around IDR100 billion. The products will mature in 13 months.

President Director of Nusadana Aset Manajemen Rima Noulita Suhaimi said the mutual fund which will managed by the company is being marketed by PT Bank International Indonesia Tbk until January 28th.



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