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Saturday, January 16, 2010

North Sulawesi noted an increase in tourist visits 20%

as published in Bisnis Indonesia website
Wednesday, 06/01/2010 18:33 WIB

North Sulawesi noted an increase in tourist visits 20%
by: Irvin Avriano Arief

MANADO ( The number of tourists who visit the North Sulawesi region increased by 20% to 100,000 tourists last year following a number of international events and programs held in the province, from the previous 30,000-40,000 of tourists.

Governor of North Sulawesi Sinyo Harry Sarundajang said some event that held in his region are World Ocean Conference (WOC), the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Summit, the Sail Bunaken program, and the election of Manado to became one of the main destination of Visit Indonesia Year 2010 program.

"And the show was just held in May last year, but the increase has happened so big," he told the press at the inauguration of three new aircraft of Wings Air in Manado, today.

According to him, Sam Ratulangi airport will be the development and centralization of activities of Wings Air, Lion Air's subsidiary in Manado. The centralization will also increasingly provide new opportunities to become the gate area for tourists from East Asia and Asia Pacific to come to Indonesia.

Previously, Lion Air President Director Rusdi Kirana, who also serves as commissioner of Wings Air, said the company will focus its activities in Manado Wings Air by moving operations centers, maintenance, and training company formerly based in Jakarta.

According to him, the potential of the area as a liaison between cities in the eastern part of Indonesia or between foreign countries and eastern parts of Indonesia, is still very large.

"We want to open the gaet wider for tourists from East Asia and Asia Pacific who want to Indonesia through North Sulawesi, which benefited from its strategic position." (Yn)



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