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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Black Balloon (2008): When the moment comes.

The Black Balloon (2008): When the moment comes.
How does it feel when you have a morning shower, out of no where a man that only wears an underwear and a monkey hat comes to your bathroom and urinate in your toilet? And how can you explain to the girl in the shower that the freak person is you retarded brother?

The movie reveals when you have to let the world know that you have a retarded brother. Or is it weird when you want to talk about him to a girl you like? It doesn't fair, isn't it? "You hope you can close your eyes for a moment and when you open it again, you can have your brother turns to normal."

The Aussie-festival-movie shows every emotions that comes when the moment stand in front of your face, and you can't avoid or even run from the moment. There is Thomas (Rhys Wakefield), an Aussie teenage who try to get normal in front of the world and Jackie (Gemma Ward) about his embarrass brother, Charlie (Luke Ford). His 'normal-daily' life, with his old-pregnant mum (Toni Collette) and his army dad (Erik Thomson), doesn't seems normal enough for him and for his school mate.

Overall, the movie can offer alternate options for viewer's emotion to choose in every choice-ing moment in almost every scene of The Black Balloon. What if I had a brother like that? What if one of my children will be like that?

For me, personally, it gives me some revelation when the moment comes to me in the past years. But the movie itself can show and burst of the thousands emotions that felt at those teenage-emotions moment.

But most of all, of course the happiest moment, it almost seen as my moments when I try to get of my girl to know about my little-retarded-brother, it always make me "fiuhh" after I talk about him.

Touchy quotes: "Don't you know I hate you? Hey, I can feel you piss in my legs! Bad Charlie, he he he."

Touchy scene: After Charlie do masturbation in front of Jackie in his birthday party, Thomas can't stand any more, and hold up Charlie's super nintendo.. dad: "Don't you dare!".. and the super nintendo slammed the floor into pieces.



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