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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bank Jabar Banten bond coupon 9.2%, 10.2%, 10.4%

Irvin Avriano A.

Bank Jabar Banten bond coupon 9.2%, 10.2%, 10.4%

JAKARTA: PT Bank Jabar Banten Tbk, the biggest regional bank in Indonesia, raise up their shortest tenure VII/2011 A tranche bond coupon to 9.2%, than the indication that previously offered at 7.44%--8.44% level because of the declining of government bond price lately. The bond tranche will mature in 2014.

Based on several bond market players, the B tranche that will mature in 2016 set on 10.2% level, higher than the indication that offered at 7.89%--8.89%. For the C tranche that have 7 years tenures, they set up at 10.4% level than the indication 8.45%--9.46%.

PT Trimegah Securities Tbk Director Karman Pamurahardjo when contacted confirmed the numbers. He added the portion for each tranche set up at IDR276 billion, IDR601 bio, and IDR1.12 trillion.

Trimegah is one of the two lead underwriter, with PT Bahana Securities as the other. The issuance also assisted by PT Bank Mega Tbk as the trustee for the bank's bond which shares coded BJBR in the stock market.



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