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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Champion Pacific suspension revoke

Irvin Avriano A.

Champion Pacific suspension revoke

JAKARTA: Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX/BEI) revoke suspension on PT Champion Pacific Indonesia Tbk shares in the stock market today.

IDX Acting Transaction Monitoring Division Head Irvan Susandy said the bourse authority refers to previous announcement that mentioned the shares trading suspension.

"By this announcement, trading on Champion Pacific's shares opened again in regular and cash market start on 1st session on February 23th," said Irvan today.

The shares suspended on February 22th because the price strengthened abnomally. The strengethened movement occur IDR282 or 146.11% from IDR193 on January 28th to Rp475 on February 21th.

The company which shares coded IGAR is a Bekasi-based plastic manufacturer company that led by Antonius Muhartoyo.

Their shareholders are PT. Kingsford Holdings with 73.53% portion, PT Kageo Igar Jaya Tbk 7.41%, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk 5%, public 14.06%. The rest of it owned by director and commissioner that have the company's stock, namely Budi Dharma Wreksoatmodjo, Antonius Muhartoyo, Patrick Tak Kee Yu, and Prastowo.



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