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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Smart claim not directly involved to Karang Mendapo conflict

Irvin Avriano A.

Smart claim not directly involved to Karang Mendapo conflict

JAKARTA: PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology Tbk (Smart), an oil palm plantation wings from Sinar Mas Group, declare their subsidiary PT Kresna Duta Agroindo (KDA) has not directly involved in a conflict that have claimed victim between villagers and policemen in Karang Mendapo, Jambi.

The company which commandeered by Jo Daud Dharsono is also explain that the conflict is only happen between the villagers and with Koperasi (Cooperative) Tiga Serumpun that backed up by the police. The conflict that happen in January 15th claimed six shot-down-victims and brings seven villagers to be caged by policemen for investigation.

The explanation is published yesterday through disclosure statement to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX/Bursa Efek Indonesia), that only signed by Smart Corporate Affairs Yasmine Sagita and none from their board of directors.

The conflict only relation with the company also explained just because the Cooperative ask permission to the company to use service from Polri Mobile Brigade (Brimob) to protect their property.

Previously, the conflict happen in January 15th, takes six villagers victim whose shot down by Brimobs officer in the location. The tragedy also caused seven villagers took away to give explanation as witness and investigation by the policemen.

The conflict started years before the shooting in 2001, when the villagers persuaded to transform their private land and village land to become oil palm plantations, collaborate with Tiga Serumpun and protected by KDA.

The agreement, said villagers side, will only converted for 48 months and will give back to the villagers as plasma planters.

The uprising began when the villagers do a participating mapping and found that their land that been using for plantations are 1.000 hectares areas in 2006, different with which KDA and Tiga Serumpun recognition that only for 400 hectares.

Caused by the differences, the villagers took over the 600 areas in 2009 September and started to harvest the palm bunch in the plantations. In January, the policemen called by the Tiga Serumpun and KDA to repel the so-called-annexation that been happen over a year.

KDA in other occasions said the conflict only happen between the planters and Tiga Serumpun and not directly involved with the company. The company also said the poilcemen summons need to be done because the company want to repel ousiders from company's property.

In the other way, Yayasan Setara (Setara Fioundation) that claimed to be one of a RSPO (roundtable of sustainable palm oil) member, said the conflict should make the one of CPO producer listed company kicked out from the RSPO.

Walhi, a NGO that concern to the matter, also claimed that the company deliberately also delegate responsibility to the Tiga Serumpun, that caused the potential dispute only will address the cooperative and not to the company, but the company can take advantage from either side.

The stock given negative impact in their shares price at the stock market yesterday by IDR50 or 0.98% to IDR5,050 yesterday, move beyond other CPO emitters shares that strengthened because of the appreciation of CPO price.

But today the company's shares price which coded SMAR appreciate to IDR5.00 level again, or strengthened 0.99%.



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