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Friday, May 6, 2011

HD Finance shares offering oversubscribed 2.32 times

Irvin Avriano A.

HD Finance shares offering oversubscribed 2.32 times

JAKARTA: PT HD Finance Tbk shares offering experience 2.32 times oversubscribed demand from their future investors.

Based on officials disclosure yesterday, the company's lead underwriters namely PT Makinta Securities have receive order as much as IDR213.22 billion demand.

But the near time future stock emitters in the capital market oversubscribe data is contrast with the price quotation that been set at the bottom level, IDR200, from the range offered IDR200--250.

The appointed number also formed the fresh fund that the Orang Tua Group motorcycle financing company will gathered from capital market are only IDR92 billion, less than the company's target at least at IDR100 bio level.

HD Finance offered 460 mio sheet of shares, 29.87% from their whole capital to potential investors, and set portion for fixed allotment 97% and the rest is for pooling allotment.

The company which established in 1972 with PT Indonesia Lease Corporation name and commandeered by Hariono targeting IDR1 trillion financing this year, rise 33.33% from last year performance IDR750 bio.



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